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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Father's Smile

A Father’s Smile

Give me a man who smiles when he fights, for this is the bravest of all.
A man who can chuckle in full dark of night, undimmed when his back hits the wall.
But what is this madness, this bloody-toothed grin? Such a man is surely insane!
For life is all treachery, burdens, and sin. No saint could find joy in such pain.

But perhaps we’ll gain wisdom if we widen our vision, now what is this man fighting for?
For the cause fails early that pursues selfish missions, something else must put steel in the core.
Maybe his smile’s not a sign of vain glory, but perhaps he is watched by young eyes.
My respect’s for the man who shapes his own story, makes reality form to the guise.

Not for himself. No, that’s just not enough. The focus must shift to be pure.
You see, it’s a father who smiles when times get tough, His innocent ones to assure.