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Sunday, May 11, 2014

For Mothers

A Mother's Day Poem...

I write of my "Momma," it's so plain to see,
How a woman gives her life, a mother to be,
Hot tears shed and sleep well lost,
Not a thought of "Why me?" or a tally of cost,
Father wins battles, his hand on a sword,
But it's clearer to see a mother's reward.
Sons with clear eyes and tall broad shoulders,
Minds to move men and strength to move boulders.
who watched and learned lessons deep,
Their own children blessed by the vigil they keep.
Beauty and wisdom to govern a nation,
Passed down by example to each generation.
If one could see Heaven, one could expect,
A numberless multitude, paying respect,
To a mother so lovely, a heart so true,
Who would give a whole life out of pure love for you.

Love you, Momma, happy Mother's day!

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